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To the TSA,

             After reading a response from your center to a friend of mine’s email, I thought I should send in my own comments. There is absolutely no justification for the criminal behavior you are perpetrating right now on the American people by these scanners and pat downs. This is sexual assault and molestation of children and innocent adults. And you dare to threaten people such as this software engineer from San Diego with a 10,000 dollar fine? Is he an Islamic terrorist? No, he’s an American that works hard everyday and pays taxes so people like you can have a job.

   This is not about safety, it’s about control. I’d like to refer you to a quote by your administrator, John Pistole, “On the eve of a major Nat’l holiday and less than a year after al Qaida’s failed attack last Christmas Day, it is irresponsible for a group {protestors in Pennsylvania} to suggest travelers opt out of the very screening that may prevent an attack using non-metallic explosives. It is vital to aviation security and a critical measure to thwart potential terrorist attacks.”

   This is a most interesting statement coming from a man in such a position, especially for the information that he left out. Was it out of ignorance? I do realize our government is incredibly incompetent but I think there is a deeper agenda at play here. I hardly believe that Mr. Pistole is not aware of the Israeli security firm, ICTS. A man, such as he, would have known that the infamous  “underwear bomber,” of last years’ Christmas day’s so called failed al Qaida terrorist attack, was allowed through Israeli security in Amsterdam just as Yeshiva World News had reported on the day that it happened. To refresh Pistole’s memory if he should read this, an eyewitness reported that a well dressed Indian man escorted the alleged underwear bomber to the gate and told an attendant to help him with NO PASSPORT, to get on the plane. The attendant went to the manager and the alleged “TERRORIST” was allowed to board the plane. It turns out; his name was on the “do not fly list.”

   Imagine an American citizen getting away with something like that. That wouldn’t happen because all this is intended to enslave “We the People.” You at TSA are willing to go along with this because you get a pay check. Just like people did in Nazi Germany as was quoted by many of them during the Nuremburg trials, “I was just following orders.” or “I was just doing my job.’ I wonder how such people sleep at night.

I hope many more join  the Pennsylvania protesters on 24th November, “Opt Out” Day.  These protests should go on in every state.

    The TSA says these scanners and pat downs are supposed to protect us from terrorism.

 It was reported today that DHS Janet Napolitano may consider allowing Moslem women to opt out of the scanners and pat downs for religious reasons. Oh, that’s special and how about Catholic nuns or Christians in general. Oh no, because what many of us out here in the real world of America know that Ms. Napolitano  has issues with many Christians, because they don’t believe as she does. I refer you to the MIAC report posted on World Net Daily, April 12th, 2009. She is not in the least concerned about Moslem terrorists; it’s all just a ruse. As Abe Lincoln did say, “You can fool some of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

  Whom John Pistole’s boss is most concerned about however, is Christians who are opposed to abortion, illegal immigration and people who have Ron Paul bumper stickers for Prez on the cars, etc.  She considers Veterans returning home as potential domestic terrorists. Really! Men who are fighting to protect us from our enemies and their considered domestic terrorists? What’s this woman smokin’?

    It all boils down to two things, money and power The giant defense contractor L-3 Communications has landed a $165 million dollar contract. Former head of DHS, Michael Chertoff has made a killing on these body scanners. He is on the board of the company that sells them.  Prisonplanet.com for full story.

   We the American people do not believe the shams you folk in government try to pull over on us anymore. If you, the person reading this, have any kind of a conscience, I suggest you quit your job with this diabolical company that claims to be protecting the people. What a joke! Get out while you still have some self respect.

Sharon Taylor

You can email them with your own thoughts at TSA-ContactCenter@dhs.gov


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