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The wose of Sharon

                                         It’s  the Jesuits, Just ask Dr. Phil

     I learn so much on patriot radio about who’s taking down our Republic. For eons I thought the Jews owned Hollywood.  Lately it’s been rumored that the Arabs do. Marlin Brando said it was the Jews once on National TV and it ended his career.  So in this article due to the sensitivities of these poor helpless victims of such gentiles as Marlin Brando, we will refer to them as the Joos.

   Joel Stein, LA Times Columnist wrote, “Who runs Hollywood?” He was upset by a poll released by such class acts as the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL saw it as a victory against stereotyping of Joos because only 22% of Americans now believe they own Hollywood, down from nearly 50% in 1964.  “It shows how dumb America has gotten. Joos totally run Hollywood.”

   Actor Ben Stein, another very brave Joo, wrote an article, stating that the Joos DO in fact own Hollywood and what of it?  Rick Sanchez of CNN made comments about who owns the media.  He wasn’t as outspoken as Actor Ben Stein, nevertheless he lost his job. http://www.examiner.com/nonpartisan-in-los-angeles/cnn-fires-rick-sanchez-for-speaking-the-truth-media-control .

   This was a big news story but Dr. Phil {not of mainstream media fame}who broadcasts on an alternative media network was adamant that it is the Pope and the Jesuits that own EVERYTHING, and according to one caller since the 1300s.  I suppose that’s why the Swiss Guard was so affective in stopping the French Revolution and keeping poor King Louie and Marie Antoinette from going to the guillotine.

    Another caller said it was the militant Catholic Pope who overthrew King Henry the V111 and stole all the wealth of England. Dr. Phil agreed. What a revelation, because I thought the, innocent as the wind driven snow, King Henry broke away from Rome, and his buddy, Cromwell was the one who sacked the monasteries and stole all the wealth.

    It seems strange to me that the Pope would loot his own monasteries and leave his flock squandering, then set up the Anglican Church which would be in direct opposition to him.  Wow, what a history lesson Phil.  I’ll stick with Hilaire Bolloc and G. K. Chesterton.

      I suppose the billion dollar abortion industry is run by the Jesuits and the Vatican too. It wouldn’t be the Mooslems because they have a leg up on us white European Americans. They know that to abort their babies would be suicide.  I wonder if the good Dr. Phil and some of his profound educated audience are aware of such groups as the ACLU, AIPAC, SPLC and the ADL. You wouldn’t know it from listening to his show.

    These groups are just innocent pawns of the Jesuits. Remember how much Abe Foxman of the ADL loved the movie, “Passion of the Christ” and how supportive he was of Mel Gibson when he was on Fox news, and how this was going to revive anti-Semitism. Synagogues would burn; Joos would be attacked in the streets. Oh, it would be horrible.  Fortunately none of this happened and Gibson’s movie went on to be a huge success. Mel has had some personal problems since, but that’s another story. Who has sympathy for him anyway since he got drunk and bashed the Joos for causing all the wars.

     Abe Foxman is a man of principle. He had that awful Good Friday prayer that Catholics used to pray every year before Easter altered because it was sooooo offensive.  Can you blame him? How dare the Catholic Church pray for the salvation of souls, let alone the Joos who were called the children of the devil by our Lord.  Good men like Abe Foxman, and Morris Dees have stood up to the plate by pressuring the Congress to pass the hate crime legislation that will put a huge crimp on free speech, turning most of us into domestic terrorists thanks to the great work they did with homeland security Sec, Janet Napolitano. Gosh I wonder where the Pope and the Jesuits were when that happened since they play  the gullible ole Abe like a chess piece, so says  the Phelps cult to which Dr. Phil  seems to confer his loyalties.

    And Abe thinks all this will be good for America, especially for the homos, transgender and bisexuals. The toilets to accommodate them are coming soon.

    To Dr. Phil’s credit, a lady who had called in and corrected him for discussing the Talmud on the air,  one of the sins that cries out to Heaven and is a huge no-no, but I’m digressing. Poor Phil didn’t have a chance to explain the Talmud and the wonderful things written about Mary and Jesus. Centuries ago some Monks tried burning the book, but the church was so vilified for it, I think they might be a little gun shy now. Abe Foxman shouldn’t have to worry about an Inquisition anytime soon.

     Dr. Phil, being the pillar of strength that he is, told the lady that she should be careful of disinformation agents and I COULDN’T HAVE AGREED WITH HIM MORE!!!!!! Just when I thought we were on the same page, he goes into this tirade about how the Pope who owns the whole world.

   I thought the real movers and shakers were Zbignew Brezinski, Henry Kissinger, Alan Greenspan, Karl Marx, Rahm Emanuel, Ben Bernanke, David Axelrod, Paul Wolfowitz, and Michael Chertoff, just to name a few.  No, Count Hans Kolvenback is the real mover and shaker. Ever heard of him? I didn’t think so. The Black Pope, some of our patriot brethren claim, is a dangerous man.  The men I listed above are his pawns to be moved at his whim including Benedict XVl. I guess the men above and Benedict are not enlightened enough to pull off anything clandestine without the Count.

     Some ex-Catholic moron called in and agreed with Phil & Co. that indeed he knew all this to be true, because, he was raised Catholic. You wouldn’t want to bore this guy with the facts. If only Rick Sanchez had blamed the real culprits, the black Pope and the Jesuits, he probably would still have a job.

    All is not lost for Rick though; he could end up like Hesham Tewalli and be presented on the very popular SPLC website, Southern Pimps Lie Center.  I don’t think Dr. Phil will be elevated to such notoriety yet. However the network that his show is on has made the list, so the potential IS there.

     Hesham Tewalli, on his show, the same network as Dr. Phil, had a little different take on things. Dr. Tewalli reported that the Joos own the 6 largest media Companies in the WORLD and 96% of the news media, which would include newspapers, TV news outlets, book publishing outlets, all the major networks. http://www.pakalertpress.com/2009/03/16/six-jewish-companies-96-percent-of-all-media.html 

   They must have won the lottery because Eric the Jon Phelps alleges that the Jesuits stole all the wealth, gold and assets of the Joos, leaving them in total poverty during WW2. Perhaps the Black Pope can win the lottery too and then he could really own the world.

     Walt Disney, remember him? His company used to produce good, clean entertainment, but according to the Phelps cult, the Jesuits used Disney to create amusement as a distraction while behind the scenes they secretly plotted to take over Protestant America. You can’t make this stuff up!

   But Protestants FEAR not.  Michael Eisner took over the company so now rather than promoting only decent programs that used to be overseen by that horribly, oppressive Catholic Church in the fifties, we have Gay Day at Disneyland and with his other conglomerates Americans can have all the dirt and filth they want and free from those wretched Ten Commandments that the church used to promote until it got subverted by the you-know-who.

    Come to think of it, since the Arabs own Hollywood {only a rumor} and the Joos own 96% of all media in THE WORLD, just what DOES the Pope own?   According to the cult of Phelps, the Jesuits own the Pittsburgh Steelers’.  With that kind of influence they can really fill the dumb down masses with all kinds of slick propaganda.

   The Steelers are the esteemed Rush Limbaugh’s, favorite football team. You’d think the Pope with all the church’s wealth and power could do better. The fact that this kind of nonsense plays so well on so called truth radio should tell ya, WE GOT A LOOOOOOOOOOONG WAY TO GO! 

   So who is Eric, the Jon Phelps? He is married to a Jewess, who is Vice Prez of a diamond dealer that imports direct from Tel Aviv. Eric is also an admitted Zionist.  That in no way makes him bias towards Catholics, so he says. http://farmer-greean.blogspot.com/2008/11/black-pope-and-jesuit-general-most.html

    Actually this Phelps guy would make a good comedian. What a shtick! He should be on Comedy Central.  Bill Maher, move over.  As for Dr. Phil? He will not lose his job.


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