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     The Red Dragon will bring the church into great distress. Red is the color of anger and of blood. Commentators have commonly held this is to signify the blood of the martyrs with which the dragon has been dyed, because he instigated the persecutions that shed the blood of Christians to satisfy his anger against God and the Church.     Book of Destiny, by Herman Bernard Kramer   

      Happy New Year folks as the Socio-Marxist N W O embraces us with its tentacles and squeezes us ever the tighter, while they, and their minions, live it up in the “New Babylon” that has become the United States of America.

Christmas came with a number of false flags and intrigues; the underwear bomber, and the mad lady in red, who attacked the Pope, and the Premier of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, who was viciously attacked by a crazed individual during a political rally in Rome only 2 weeks before Christmas.. All these offenders were able to get through security.

   Yeshiva World News reported that the Israeli firm, ICTS was responsible for the security at the Amsterdam Airport. An eyewitness reported that a sharply dressed Indian man escorted  the “underwear bomber” to the gate and told the attendant to help the Nigerian man, with no pass port, to get on the plane. The attendant went to the manager and the “terrorist” was allowed to board the plane. The new Homeland Security Director, Janet Napolitano was accused of being negligent in this situation, but she will be allowed to keep her job.

  Former Head of the DHS,  Michael Chertoff, is promoting body scanners and he is on the board of the company that sells them. {For full story go to {www.prisonplanet.com}.The military industrial complex is set to make a killing from them according to a report from Steve Watson of infowars.net.

    The “mad” woman, dressed in a red who attacked Pope Benedict XVI at Midnight Mass had been there a year ago at Christmas in the same red hooded sweater with the same modus operandi, but was apprehended. This Christmas she succeeded in pulling the Pope to the ground. Fortunately the Pope was not hurt and was able to get back on his feet, but for 87 year old Cardinal Etchegaray, his fall had more serious consequences. He was hospitalized with a broken hip and will be having surgery.

 Although the lady was unarmed, according to the French Cardinal Paul Poupard who was with the Pope at the time, told RTL radio it was “definitely a threat to the Pope.”

   In mid-December Pope Benedict XVI declared Pope Pius XII venerable. The headlines, mid-Dec. in the NY Daily;  “Jewish Leaders express disgust Saturday when Pope Benedict XV1 pushed a controversial predecessor one step closer to sainthood.”   CNN on line news of December 22; “Jewish Leaders Condemn Vatican Plan to Venerate Pope Pius XII.” What else could we expect, we know who owns and runs the media, and it’s not the Arabs as Alex Jones once said, neither is it the Christians, nor is it a “Siddhartha” from the Orient.

   “With this decree the pope says that Pius XII is a person that we have to admire, recognize as a model of Christian virtues, and it is very, very important that the church gives officially this appreciation of this important pope that we know was guiding the church in very difficult times,” said the Vatican. 

   Vatican Spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi said, “Jewish groups say he, Pius XII, didn’t do enough to help prevent the murder of millions of Jews.”  

  What this article does not tell their readers is that Pope Pius XII helped over 860,000 Jews during WW11 according to research done by Rabbi Pinchas Lapide, a consul to Italy, found that the church saved more Jewish lives then all the churches of all religions put together, yet the CNN article says there is no proof? This is either real bad journalism or the reporter simply has no regard for the truth and knows he will pay no price for this blatant bias. However, I was heartened by the comments to this incredible piece of smear. Most were in defense of Pope Pius XII. Apparently people are waking up, a good sign for the new year. 

    Here is a quote from the big bully on the block, Abe Foxman who succeeded last year in taking away traditional minded Americans’ free speech through the Hate Crime Legislation that he sponsored.  A portion of his statement;

   “This apparent campaign of misinformation presented to Pope Benedict makes it all the more crucial for the Vatican to open its Holocaust era archives to independent scholars and historians now.   We request that Benedict make the courageous decision and order the relevant Holocaust era materials to be opened now.” 

The courageous decision would be to tell old Abe to take a hike.

     We see the end game with the underwear bomber, more oppressive police state tactics will be imposed on American citizens to completely control and enslave us. Could this be the same end game in Rome, to keep outspoken Cardinals and prelates from speaking up against injustices that are being perpetrated world wide by  ghouls such as Chertoff and Foxman?

    Cardinal Etchegaray, whose hip was broken, served as President Emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. This cardinal is touted as a world class diplomat who has met with Saddam Hussein, resolved int’l conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians. Etchegaray traveled to Jerusalem in May 2002 to help peacefully resolve a stand off at the church of the Nativity. He met with Israeli President Moshi Katvaz as well as Yassar Arafat while in Israel.

    Also in a 1996 speech, A Jubilee on Poverty, he said “Debt forgiveness must be part of a process of the restoration of justice.” I’m sure International Jewish Finance was not too happy with that statement.

   So what was the end game for the Lady in Red? From  an   http://israeltruthtimes.blogspot.com/2009/12/how-mentally-imbalanced-is-susanna.html   incessantly anti-Christian/Catholic web-site whose website darling, Daisy, expresses a high degree of passion regarding this woman and that the woman is her heroine. Daisy said;

 “It is easy to dismiss her actions as proof of her mental imbalance, frankly, for a mentally unbalanced person she planned her attack very well, {I couldn’t agree more} repeating her feat two years in a row; she is well coordinated, athletic, and must have practiced this jump for a long time to be able to perform it so perfectly two nights ago. Notice how the Vatican promptly had her admitted to a psychiatric hospital for MEDICAL {her emphasis} treatment in proud Gulag tradition.”

   I find this to be an astonishing statement being that it was Bolshevik Jews who  imprisoned untold millions to the gulags in the old Soviet Union. Apparently she thinks the Vatican shouldn’t have acted in self defense against this woman who has just been described as being quite capable, perhaps to the point of premeditating the event, and that she did it with skill and precision.

   The article goes on to say that she lived in a “supervised “setting for a couple years in Switzerland after receiving psychiatric care. That institution, WOHNGRUPPE KANZLER, seems to be a sort of half-way house for young people who have had a psychiatric history and are trying to start fresh in life. It helps them socially and professionally.

   While this is a laudable goal, why was  this  lady  able to leave an institution where supervision is required, AND during Christmas two years in a row, especially after her attempted assault last year on the Pope. Who helped fund the trip?

   The Israeli truth times can’t have it both ways. Either this woman is mentally ill and incapable of living a self sufficient, autonomous life or she is a very capable woman who had an intended goal in mind, and that was to humiliate Pope Benedict XVI, or attempt to silence him for a specified purpose?

   I will make it clear to my readers that I am not the biggest fan of this Pope, and I haven’t been happy with any of them since Pope Pius X11, but I don’t relish seeing anyone humiliated or hurt, especially anyone who is elderly. Thank God the Pope wasn’t harmed but the Cardinal suffered a broken hip and there was no compassion on the part of this woman for the damage that resulted. Rather surprising too, being that she is supposed to be a Jewish convert to Christianity, albeit Zionist Christianity. Here are some of her remarks;

    “See how Benedikt lost the symbols of his papacy, the miter and staff, and was seen by all for what he is; a simple, fallable man with his godhood gone!

 This ties in very well with the mindset of Jewish writer, Douglas Rushkoff, in his book, Nothing Sacred, the truth about Judaism; “The thing that makes Judaism dangerous to everybody, to every race, to every nation, to every idea is that we SMASH things that aren’t true. We don’t believe in boundaries or nation states, we don’t believe in individual gods that protect individual groups. These are all ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCTIONS, Judaism teaches us to see that. In a sense our detractors have it right, we are a corrosive force, BREAKING DOWN false gods of all people because they are NOT real, and this is upsetting to most people.” You can watch this on youtube if you have the stomach for it or you can listen at


I would recommend the latter.

   Breaking down of false gods is upsetting to people? That is an understatement.

   Here are some more  high-minded quotes from the Israel truth times blog; She writes that the Pope was being punished for his sins against the Jewish people. I’d like to know of what sins she speaks. The last four popes have bent over backwards to accommodate these people at the expense of the Roman Catholic Church and her members. She mentions a rabbi who was killed recently in Samaria and it sounds as though she blames the Pope as if he could have been there to stop it. Give me a break! According to her, this is his retribution even if it’s only minimal.  The worst quote of all:

   “The Pope for sure deserved this fall. It is the second time Benedikt has fallen since he’s been pope: the first time he fell, he broke his wrist just after having been involved in plotting against Jewish Jerusalem,{ yet she doesn’t mention what it was that he did}.The more he attacks Jewish Jerusalem, the more he assails the Jewish people in the Holy Land, the more he will suffer: THE PROPHETS DON’T LIE, she wrote in bold letters.

    On the blog there are several video-clips of the Pope’s fall, {I must admit I didn’t watch this particular clip}, under it she writes this; “This is even better: “Mayhem, humiliation! She might be mentally unstable, but she appears to be extremely fit for a crazy lunatic: she looks more like a militant than a lunatic in this clip. His fall reminds me of Haman falling all over Queen Esther: may his fate be the same as Haman’s!”

    This sounds like a threat, or it may be just a lot of ranting from a hate monger, but one can’t help but wonder and have questions in light of these recent events and what has been disclosed to the public about brainwashing and mind control, especially for espionage -it is REAL and governments do apply it.

   It has been disclosed through the Freedom of Information Act that mind control techniques have been used by the American Government via the CIA. It has also been used  by Israel’s Mossad. Techniques such as hypnosis, drugs, repeated trauma, electric shock treatment, sleep deprivation, etc, etc.

     A Doctor, James A. Brussel has claimed to be an agent of the CIA and an advisor to the CID’s {Army’s criminal Investigation Division} counter-espionage division. He also, according to some doctors, was “an innovative researcher into novel methods for controlling inmates in psychiatric institutions. Lamenting the frustrations of managing unruly patients and the cost of housing them in the late 1940s, Brussels and an associate, instituted electric shock experiments on the brains of female inmates.” Dr. Brussel’s early ECT “treatments” was performed on 50 female mental patients, in some cases at the rate of 40-50 sessions per patient. Brussel also experimented with amphetamines and methedrine on depressed patients. He was recruited by the CID in 1971 as a secret consultant to the government. Another researcher named, William Kroger, was involved using hypnosis as an espionage tool. He authored Hypnosis and Behavior Modification in 1963. Of particular interest to Kroger was the development of a drug-assisted, hypnotic means of programming intelligence operatives to carry out an assignment and obscure any memory of it, from Pyschic Dictatorship USA by Alex Constantine.

   From livelink.com it has been reported that 2 young Mossad operatives were recently hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital in the center of the country, {Israel}. A Mossad official was assigned to them 24-hours a day to ensure that state secrets not be revealed because of their unstable mental state. The doctors who asked why one woman was  accompanied by a guard, were shocked to learn that she was a Mossad agent and that the security guard was not assigned to her in order to assure her safety or protect her life, but to ensure that she not reveal any state secrets. The Mossad guard’s orders were clear, “It is forbidden that the organization’s secrets be passed on to those unauthorized to hear them.”

   The doctors, who are unaccustomed to the presence of a third party during their treatment sessions, were left with no choice but to acquiesce to their demands. In addition the staff had to receive a security clearance before being allowed to work on her exceptional case. A short time later another woman arrived who, it was learned, was a Mossad agent also.

     Secrecy is key in the Israeli intelligence service. The work methods of agents are also left a mystery for most of the public. The Mossad glossary explicitly states that agents are handled with secret methods.” Dr. Dorit Yudeshkin-Porat, head of the trauma unit at Brull Community Mental Health Center in Tel Aviv said, “Working under heavy mental pressures and exposure to real threats to one’s life while maintaining daily lives, concerns that one’s true identity will be revealed is likely to exact a mental price that could be manifested in a range of psychotic disorders.

  While surfing the web, I found something else of interest regarding security from: www.investinisrael.gov.il

    Critical infrastructure protection from Israel is currently being used at Buckingham Palace, the Vatican, and the Eiffel Tower, to cite a few examples.

  As part of this critical infrastructure protection, Israel offers unique capabilities in the following areas:

Physical Barriers and Fencing, Sensors,Intrusion Detection,Image Processing,Tracking and Motion Control, Observation,Access Control,Biometrics, Smart Cards, Anti-forgery, Commodity Protection, Surveillance, Crowd Control,Command and Control Rooms.

   While the Vatican Gandarmeries, the Swiss Guard and the Italian police provide  security for the Pope, what about this critical infrastructure protection as listed above?  In regards to the shabby Amsterdam airport security that Israel provided, allowing the underwear bomber through, who was on a “no fly list,” shouldn’t questions be asked regarding this breach of security within the Vatican City? I  think so and with the recent rantings of this woman from the Israeli Truth Times, the rants of Abe Foxman and all the various media around the world upset over the Pope venerating the late Pope Pius XII, one has to wonder-what is it that they are so afraid of?

   The Christian West is under attack and has been for decades, but not by the Muslims, necessarily. Only because of our unconditional support of Israel and their heinous deeds against the Palestinians have we been subject to Islamic wrath. It’s a real shame that this divide has been driven by a power whose finances are unlimited and a depravity that knows no depths.

    From a review of, Nothing Sacred, the truth about Judaism, by Kevin Barrett phD at truthjhad.com. “Islam is currently under attack by non-Muslim imperialists and colonialist powers-led by the Jewish Zionists which makes it hard to fault those who rally around local cultural traditions. Telling a person whose culture is under genocidal attack, to give up that culture and adopt a more universal one is tantamount to supporting that genocide. Or put it another way: when a Westerner says to a Native American/ Iraqi/Palestinian/  Afgani,  “ Accept our liberal, tolerant, universalist way of life or we’ll kill you!”

   The Muslims are a manufactured enemy for one group of people’s own lust for power. Using them to put more restrictions on us is deceptive and degrading such as the scanning machines. It is dehumanizing and strips people of their dignity. To be subjected to this sort of scrutiny, reduces us to animals all under the guise of security.  And the dupes in this country who are willing to go along with this, thinking it will keep them safe.

   God did not create us for this. We are creatures of dignity, made for love and to be loved by Almighty God. We must refuse this, rise up and fight whether it is with pen, or putting our feet to the streets, shaking our neighbors and friends out of the brainwashing and programming that has been done on a mass scale through Television and the print media. Let God be our strength.

    What  Abe Foxman, the NY Daily, CNN online news, Israel Truth Times, Simon Wiesenthal Center etc, FEAR. . . . ..   is what it would do for Christendom and 1.1 billion Catholics throughout the world if Pope Pius XII is canonized. Can you imagine several thousand Catholic Christians converging on St Peter’s Square for this sublime event?

   The Christian spirit would be re-energized, Christians would be inspired to live their faith and love their neighbors again. But darkness cannot bare the light, their diabolical intrigues would be exposed if this were to happen, especially what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. God forbid any one in the world, especially 1.1 billion Catholics having compassion as did Pius XII on an oppressed people. 

    Cardinal, Renato Martino who is the new head of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace made some comments that upset the Israel Foreign Ministry and the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The Cardinal said Gaza was a concentration camp. He called it a crime against human dignity. Go to http://www.paltelegraph.com/palestine/gaza-strip/3252-the-gaza-strip-still-suffering-from-a-23-day-war-and-the-ongoing-siege  and see what is not being reported by our mainstream media, it is an utter disgrace and you should be “mad as hell” for how badly we the people of America are being duped by these traitors.

    The Israelis understand the power of example and reward. I believe this is at the heart of why they don’t want to see the canonization of this good and holy Pope.

  (c) 2010     Sharon Taylor


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