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    Are you a Write Wing  Xtre-mist? Perhaps you’ve been called one by a family member, a liberal friend, or a neo-conservative who is con-fused.  Don’t worry, we are here to help. Perhaps you’ve been told you need a psychiatrist, you’ve been called a kook, a nut, or worse, a fire breathing fanatic. We feel your pain.

   I am not a licensed therapist and this is not comprehensive study on this perceived disorder. You may find more info through the re-education program of the ADL or SPLC. Beware of these people however; the deck will be stack against you as most of them are of the criminal mind, ie, thugs, and socio-paths and you may find, {brace yourselves}through the research, that you belong to a HATE group.

To know if you qualify, here is a list of symptoms;

  1. You were against NAFTA, GATT and the IMF. However, politicians from both parties voted for these, and in the last several years you have watched your job, or the job you could have had, go overseas, to Mexico, or some other third world country. This has made you a raging maniac. You try your best to keep your composure, yet, you’d really like to hang these dirt bags for treason.
  2. You are pro-life and voted for Ron Paul which means you have already been diagnosed with this particular ailment by Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano. Again, you are furious.
  3. You are a Bible thumping gun nut. Another misdiagnosis. I’m so sorry.
  4. You are an Iraqi war veteran and want to join a militia because you realize you’ve been twisted and turned with the pliers’ one time to many, in other words, you’ve been  screwed!  {used in this context I believe it is appropriate}
  5. You, the homeowner, {once an American dream, now an American illusion} have been the victim of predatory lending and you don’t want to send the vipers another d. . . dime.  This symptom can range from sleep depravation, to screaming at the top of your lungs, for which the police could be called out, and they MAY taser you. This could be deadly, so we don’t recommend it, although it does feel good, to scream that is.
  6. You believe a marriage is between a man and a woman, like Joe and Betty, not Joe and Ben. This is a serious symptom, one that may land you in the clink, now that the ADL successfully got the Congress, and Senate, and our Nobel Peace Prize Winning President,  {and you’re not supposed to be MAD?} to pass.
  7. You still believe in Jesus Christ, stand at the sound of the Star Spangled Banner, which you believe should be sung in English, a lot of people still believe this way, but that may be changing because Lou Dobbs from CNN has lost his job for what could be his stand on immigration.  The jury is still out on this one.
  8. You think former Congressman James Traficant was framed for his views and, as he does, you’d like to see the IRS and the Federal Reserve abolished. Some of your friends and relatives think you are delusional; however the Federal Reserve is actually a sovereign power structure separate and distinct from the U.S. government. It is a private corporation. If, you are a WWX, who is a born again Christian and think you’re going to get raptured out of this mess, we must gently remind you that there is no Santa Clause, and St Peter may not be waiting at the pearly gate. Instead it might be J. P. Morgan wantin’ you ta pay up. This symptom falls under delusional and you born agains suffer from it the most.

9. If you are in debt, and most Americans are, you are really going to get sick. We are nothing more than peasants of the 21st century, and slaves to an electronic feudalism, lining the pockets of the International bankers whether that’s through taxation, credit cards or a mortgage you’ve been busting your rump to pay-that’s if you’re lucky enough to still have a job.

  The TV news networks oftentimes refer to the WWXs as ultra-conservative, and this can trigger the “flight or fight” syndrome for which WWXs are exceptionally vulnerable. They can become contaminated by the propaganda, and unfairly denigrated. This is abuse. I cannot over emphasize this; you must proceed with the outmost caution when approaching the TV.  I threw mine out.

  I know of a man who used his for target practice. You need not go that far but if you do, we will not judge you here, on this blog.

   We suggest turning on some oldies rock and roll, or a symphony, you could even drag out the electric guitar from your old hippy free wheelin’ days.  This will provide reassurance to your mate, or significant other, that you haven’t gone off the  DEEP END,  although this could backfire.  Medical Marijauna users could be exempt from this as they can turn the sound down on their TV, and still watch. This was very popular back in the 1960s so it could still work today.

  We are about solutions here, in the relaxed atmosphere of your computer room you are in control and don’t have to worry about subliminal messages infecting your subconscious mind, you will find people who care, and now that they’ve sent your job to some third world country, you can look at this with a positive attitude. You now have time to ponder the realities of our world in a safe, loving, friendly environment within cyberspace-the blogs- such as this one.

  We will not discount your feelings, like the Linda Ronstadt song of the 1970s, we know you have been lied to, mistreated, and abused and there is nothing worse than being misdiagnosed by some government bureaucrat that doesn’t know you, and is not a doctor. Here, we want to give you a place to vent your feelings in an atmosphere of understanding, encouragement and hope. It don’t get no more touchy feely than that so we are glad you’re here. We suggest keeping a journal.

Here are 6 steps to recovery since Alcoholics Anonymous has the lock already on 12.

1.It is not your fault, you have been duped and conned by a highly sophisticated cabel that has infiltrated everything. However, pride WILL keep you in a state of denial so admitting that you’ve been conned and duped is the first step in recovery.

2.Prayer and meditation will help you with the anger issues. Beware of the Judeo-Anabaptists, a group that sprung up out of the Luther Revolution, better known as the Protestant Reformation. There wasn’t a statue, work of art, crucifix, holy water fonts etc. that they were not willing to profane or desecrate, and this sect is still around in the 21st century, so if you are one whose spirituality consists of crucifixes, pictures of Christ or perhaps a statue of his holy mother, {these can be very useful tools and they are highly recommended}, be careful, these people may accuse you of idol worship. {Just a note-some of these folks are WWXs too and need healing, and we’ll help them if they are willing to learn from US. We don’t do the God of your own understanding here, though we don’t knock it in other venues.

3.Don’t take the name calling personal. The bankers and their ilk will suck the life blood out of everyone they can.

4.Be pro-active in fighting these beasts. Many of you WWX s have some very good ideas, let’s share them with one another. Holy water and Crucifixes can and do work in the spiritual realm so don’t hesitate to use them.

5.Laugh, we can still have fun and the devil hates it when we do.

Let us stand together as Americans, and take our country back, and remember, if you have been called an extremist, you are in good company. Jesus Christ, the Founding Fathers of this country, the Apostles and many of the saints throughout the centuries were considered radicals, fringe, and extremists as well.

6.Yes we can. I know this is Obama’s line that contributed to getting him elected but we can use it too. It got him elected, maybe it can work for us.

They may own it all, including us but they can’t take our souls unless we let them.

If you are wondering why I spelled right, write, it is because many of us WWXs like to express our thoughts in writing, so I hope you will let us know what you think.


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